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The Traveler Cozy Mystery Series

Sleuth on Safari

Book One

Naomi thinks traveling with her estranged sister will be the worst part of her African safari until finds a fellow traveler dead. 

R.I.P. in Reykjavík

Book Two

Traveling with your family can be murder.One wedding party + one estranged mother = another vacation that goes array for Naomi. 

Undone in Uluru

Book Three

A missing person + a do-gooder father + a new friend = An adventure in which Naomi finds more than a murderer. 

ended in ein bokek.jpg
Ended in Ein Bokek

Book Four



Coming Soon!

A R Kennedy's writing is a combination of her love of travel, animals, and the journey we all take to find ourselves.

A R Kennedy lives in Long Beach, New York, with her two pups. She works hard to put food on the floor for them. As her favorite T-shirt says, ‘I work so my dog can have a better life'. She’s an avid traveler. But don’t worry. While she’s away, her mother dotes on her grand-puppies even more than A R does.

Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series

Lillian Brannon wakes up on Valentine's Day in an exact replica of her bedroom but the only item that she believes is authentic is her dog, Laude. She is held captive in her kidnapper's basement apartment, summoned upstairs once a week for a chaste dinner. But will his kindness last, and more importantly, why isn’t anyone looking for her?


but not goodbye UPDATED.jpg

At the end of "Gone But Not Missed," we left Nathan and Lily on the boardwalk in Long Beach, New York. Weeks later we find them apart – physically by hundreds of miles and emotionally by very different views of their relationship.


Lily is haunted by the kidnapping, consumed by thoughts of him. Nathan is burdened with an inept partner, who may ruin his career as an NYPD detective, just as it's beginning. 

When we left Nathan and Lily at the end of ‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, Lily was preparing to give the only answer she feels she can ever give Nathan.


But will she marry the man who saved her life? Or will she agree with the others who know she’s not ready?  

The cracks are beginning to show… 

Thrust into an undercover assignment, with a new partner, Nathan is prepared for neither.

Lily is at Annie’s, trying to keep everything together -- contemplating the biggest decision she’s ever faced.


Will they find a way back to each other?

A novella. Hurricane Sandy is headed for Long Beach, NY. And Lily. 

Miles away, Nathan is acting as a hero to others while Lily must weather the storm alone. And alone, always brings her back to thoughts of him.

Love comes in all forms. So does infidelity.


Lily has known for years she can’t say no to the man who
saved her life. But what will she say to the man who ruined

gone but not over.jpg

Gone But Not Over


Someone’s always watching.

Gone But Not Told.jpg

The finale of the Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series.


Lily’s secrets will lead to more than one funeral.


Is your pet family or property?

When Cecilia’s husband dies, she’s forced to become his dog's caregiver, something she does not immediately warm to. But when Ferris’s life is threatened by an intruder, she shoots the intruder to save the golden retriever. The law says Ferris is property but she's learning he's family.

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